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Closing Down Sale
I started dealing in stamps 25 years ago and I have decided to lay down my tweezers and sell up the remainder of my stock. It also happens that I will be 70 in November and my plan is to clear my stock by then. 

I thought I would make it fun by holding the equivalent of a Dutch auction. I started the sale with an across the board discount of 20% and I am increasing it today (1 May) to 45%.

Keep visiting the website for the next increase in discount.

Calculation of Discount

I will apply the discount on receipt of the order. I will contact you with the net amount, subject to availability of stock, and remind you of the methods of payment I accept.



Welcome to Sage Stamps - a website dedicated to the collector of quality stamps of the British Commonwealth.

Sage Stamps British Commonwealth.

We have been stamp dealers for over 25 years and have an inventory of over 10,000 stamps. Our website provides on-line access to a database of over 30,000 stamp descriptions ranging from those of Queen Victoria to early Queen Elizabeth II. We are now holding our closing down sale (see left hand column for details).

Closing Down Sale - 45% discount on all stock from 1 May

Tailored Listings

If you would like a tailored list, I can select and sort using the following:

SG Numbers
Condition (VFU, FU, Fiscal, FM)
Catalogue price
My retail price
Omnibus editions
If such listings would be of interest, please email me at nick@sagestamps.co.uk with your requirements.

Dealers can contact me for their discount terms at info@sagestamps.co.uk

As we are closing down, our wants list service has been terminated!